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Want to get out and attend a disability conference or take part in a walk-a-thon? Want to try a new hobby or join a sports group? Living Well With A Disability lets you know about disability-related activities and upcoming events, so you can get out and about to live well!

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Find activities in your area that go above-and-beyond what is required by law to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

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Winter’s Here – Time to Put on the Skates!

    GSE 1 - Thumbnail It’s that time of year again to hit the slopes, go sledding or even try something new like ice skating! Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, Gliding Stars offers adaptive ice skating… [read more]

    Accessible Treehouses Help People With Disabilities Branch Out

      A ramp leading up to an accessible treehouse. The texture of wood, the smell of fresh air, the bright green of the leaves—treehouses are an exciting way to experience the simple joys of nature.  Although the end result… [read more]

      Introduce Your Child to a Different Lifestyle at Please Touch Museum!

        A visitor takes a spin on the hand-pedaled bike. Children learn in many different ways and Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia provides an interactive zone designed to encourage playtime and learning for children. This month through April 24, Please… [read more]