What We Do

Whether your goal is to cook a big meal for your family, obtain employment, drive your first accessible van, scuba dive all over the world, or fly a plane, Living Well With A Disability will work with you to find the resources you need! As described in our commercials, Living Well With A Disability was developed to find the countless resources available, and open the doors to new opportunities that you may not have envisioned!

How does Living Well With A Disability work?

Living Well Specialist meeting with a person.

After calling the hotline, you will be connected to a Living Well Specialist. The two of you will determine a time to meet, so you can complete the Living Well With A Disability survey. The survey will help you and the Living Well Specialist determine the types of services, programs or support you need to achieve your goals and dreams. Once the survey is completed, the two of you will develop a plan for you to follow to meet your needs.

Mother and two daugthers smiling about living well.Living Well With A Disability has been established by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities to achieve goals, meet challenges, fulfill dreams and ultimately live well! We understand that each person’s description of Living Well With A Disability is different. We will work with you one-on-one to determine what’s best for you. We make every effort to provide you with a specialist who shares a similar disability.

Below are just some of the items that will be considered in the survey.

Financial Aid

  • Do you have an income? What are your sources of income?
  • Would you like to be referred to food programs?
  • Do you want to obtain funding for housing modifications?


  • Is your home accessible for your disability?
  • Are you happy with where you live?
  • Do you want to find a builder with experience in accessibility?


  • Does your vehicle need modifications made to it?
  • Do you have a way to get to where you need or want to go?

Personal Assistance

  • Do you need assistance in daily living activities (dressing, light housekeeping, shopping and more)?
  • Would you like assistance with hiring and managing personal assistants?

Adaptive Equipment

  • Do you have adaptive equipment for your job if needed?
  • Are you aware of what type of equipment is available?

Physical Fitness

  • Do you want to participate in health and fitness activities?
  • Would you like an individualized exercise program?
  • Do you need assistance with meal planning?


  • Is there something you would like to learn?
  • Do you want to take classes?
  • Do you need an advocate for an intermediate unit assessment?

Community Access

  • What do you do for fun? Do you want to be involved in the community?
  • Do you want to find spiritual/religious opportunities?
  • Do you want to know about community events?
  • Would you like to volunteer?


  • Do you want to work?
  • Are you happy with your job?
  • Do you need assistance with writing your resume or how to interview?
  • Do you want to learn about how employment affects medical benefits?

Legal Needs

  • Do you need an attorney?
  • Do you need an advocate for a discrimination issue?